This week I have been reflecting on a sense of belonging. I see it as a human need just like food and shelter. Feeling you belong is important in seeing value in life, in coping with strong emotions. It can be found with friends, family, church, knitting groups and on social media. As children we … Continue reading Belonging

In the eye of the storm

Living in a small space, hibernating while storm Dennis howls outside and the rain lashes the window is a great opportunity to take a picture of my sweater work in progress using # honochereir fibre. It’s 100% Handspun 3 ply and using a pattern from @Isabelkraemer. Big push towards a completed warm huggable sweater that … Continue reading In the eye of the storm

Gardner’s prayer hat

A beautiful plant starts with a tiny seed full of promises. The Gardner’s prayer hat by @Yamagara is a lovely gentle knit resulting in a stunning hat. This one is made with #istexlettlopi and sure to keep someone very warm. There are matching fingerless mitts to make still but I am thinking and planning my … Continue reading Gardner’s prayer hat

Finishing projects

A new month. A new beginning. Two finished projects have started a new habit; finishing what works in progress lie around. I enjoy the process of finding a pattern, matching the yarn before starting a new project but I also know I need to slow that process to not get overwhelmed.My reputation as the local … Continue reading Finishing projects

Two socks at once

If like me you tend to look pleased to have finished a sock but then dread to knit the second one, I can recommend Mina’s video @knittingexpat about knitting 2 socks at a time. It takes a little time to set it up, but using magic loop you finish 2 socks together and can celebrate … Continue reading Two socks at once

Double knitting

Potato chip knitting, simple repetitive movements this week while I have another infection are my best friend at the moment but I have discovered a joy in double knitting. Lucy Neatbys hat pattern is by no means well executed by me but the hat has made it possible to tackle double knitting and commit the … Continue reading Double knitting

Swapping skills

Happy 2020 every one of my readers. The festive period did not entirely go to plan health wise but then I expect the unexpected. Recently I knit some mittens for the local florist and initiated a straightforward swap in skills. It was a win win as she got some hand knitted mittens and I received … Continue reading Swapping skills