Knitstars 4

It’s booked, my virtual knitting tour. Find out more about it #alpacamybag. The tutors of Knitstars4 are announced and I have got my ticket to watch the views. Let the anticipation to this yearly adventure begin. @knitstars. I may not be able to go to any fibre events physically but as a @disabledmakers a crucial … Continue reading Knitstars 4

Using all senses

Being home behind closed doors can challenge the mental well-being of the mind. I made a point of using my senses to the max. Smell; candles and bread baking in the oven. Hearing: music, birdsong, sounds of nature. Sight: virtually travelling and looking a various pictures of nature in its glory, having fresh flowers near … Continue reading Using all senses


There it is in its glorious imperfection. I has taken about 12 months to spin enough yarn and create the ‘ uniform’ cardigan by Carrie Hoge @maddermade. The most intriguing thing was to continuously knit the garment out of hand spun. It looks rustic but it will do exactly what it is intended to do. … Continue reading Imperfect

Slowing down

Slowing down is not frustrating but the contrast of my knitting speed today as to how it used to be is rather disappointing. Like Elizabeth Zimmerman I am ‘ unlearning’ many things and in the process gaining. That grey hand spun cardigan still needs a few inches and I have come to the realisation that … Continue reading Slowing down

Little changes

This week has been spent in bed thanks to some visiting bug. No knitting. My marker for being really poorly is not eating and not knitting. The most I could do was to make bread in my ancient but working breadmaker which has been languishing in my understairs cupboard for 7 years. I contemplated that … Continue reading Little changes

Einar mitts

The knitting climate is changing. As where I used to purchase fibre I fancied by colour or softness, I am making a change to sustainable fibre, local fibre, local makers as well as investigating the many breeds on offer locally. It depends on how I specify local. (10 km or 500 km?)I use yarns and … Continue reading Einar mitts

Why I garden

Why I garden. As a teenager I lived in the country at weekends but to all extent and purposes I was a townie. On the field beyond the house I created a square upon which I grew seedlings but ofcourse they got eaten by deer during the week. I developed a love of food and … Continue reading Why I garden