Virtual Shetland Woolweek

Wonderful week to look forward to taking part in Shetland Woolweek 2020 virtually. @shetlandwoolweek. A whole week of virtual travelling which will not be the same as visiting in person yet being in a wheelchair would create extra challenges to get there. Thank you so much for making it possible to attend. Looking forward to … Continue reading Virtual Shetland Woolweek

Fruity Knitting

Having followed Fruity Knitting since it’s first episode the announcement made by Andrew and Andrea confirmed their personal curveball had hit them straight between their eyes. Their announcement can be viewed on utube . Having enjoyed their knitting adventures while I am at home because of my disability, they have been constant companions and … Continue reading Fruity Knitting

Supporting fleeces

My perfect combination. Gardening and supporting sheep. Thanks to @dalefootcomposts my vegetables will have a solid foundation to grow during winter. I will just sit in my chair, with a grin on my face, knowing that the sustainability of using sheep’s fleece is helped by buying this product. Thank you. If you need a peatfree … Continue reading Supporting fleeces

Overcoming overwhelm

As ongoing management of my never ending crafty to do list I have been asking myself questions on the subject of fibre. What projects can I let go off? What projects am I going to realistically make this year? What fibre supplies do I have for that? What fibre supplies do I need to make … Continue reading Overcoming overwhelm