Slow making

Last year I started the idea about being mindful of my clothes and started plans to make the Handmade Wardrobe. Amazed at how this idea has taken shape. This year I feel confident to tackle Marie Kondo‘ Magic of tidying on my wardrobe to have only the items that I use and spark joy. … Continue reading Slow making

An ode to Slow

What plans did you make for 2019. After investigating my wardrobe there are 2 knitted items needed this year and one , my grey cardigan of handspun yarn is already in progress . I will indulge in making mittens and using my stash and hand spun to do so. I have noticed a change in … Continue reading An ode to Slow

Purposeful mittens

When @michaelnobbs showed on his utube video it was cold and making a video with hands exposed was not comfortable for me to watch I thought I could do something to fix that. Michael’s viewpoint of one thing a day has become a mantra for me in adapting to a life with limitations. The stars … Continue reading Purposeful mittens

In between time

In that period between two years I had a go at mending a very loved knitted cardigan.Mending takes time but less than knitting a replacement. I could not part with it as it has seen me through the most difficult period of my life and has stretched itself to the limit when my size increased … Continue reading In between time


Knitstars is a really enjoyable experience. I can watch the workshops online over and over again and as I cannot travel it’s a truly inclusive way of learning new skills and discovering new designers. No travel expenses, no accommodation expenses however I cannot say anything about ‘ no more yarn’. My list of items to … Continue reading Knitstars