Down memory lane

In the days prior to Ravelry project pages, I did not really record my projects thus I have no idea what the sweater is called or who the designer was but this cardigan has a special significance to me. It has been my comfort blanket many a time when I have been poorly. It was … Continue reading Down memory lane

Inspired by Islay

The book containing stunning photographs and Kate’s patterns arrived just before  the Edinburgh Yarn Fest and feeling just a little left out of that because of physical impairment, I spent the weekend virtually travelling to Islay instead. Over the years I have come to know Kate’s patterns and explorations of their source of inspiration as … Continue reading Inspired by Islay

What happened?

My knitting currently follows values of using local wool to Great Britain and although in the past I have never really given much thought to where the yarn came from or it’s contents, I have chosen currently to equate yarn to good wine. If you thought wine was just wine you may be missing the … Continue reading What happened?