Life changes

And then one day, your knitting mojo disappears and all that you found easy no longer is and the knitting speed you once enjoyed has magically disappeared. I remember that I need to be kind to myself too and that after all this is meant to be relaxing and not an activity that should lead … Continue reading Life changes

Secret knitting

The pleasure of secret knitting. Apart from the fact it’s secret knitting and you cannot share anything but the yarn of the project you are creating, there are other advantages. you get to work with yarn that’s new to you which you may or may not like. It forces you to make a gauge swatch … Continue reading Secret knitting

The 2005 cardigan

Remembering the cardigan from 2005 worn to bits and much loved. Planning your knitwear means having your garment ready for the season to wear it. We all get tempted by a new garment in winter but by the time you have knitted it up , depending on your knitting speed and time available it can … Continue reading The 2005 cardigan