The yarn rose 

This is missing from my plant collection for sure. The Yarnrose or Geum Urbanum , a shade loving perennial of the rose Family. Photo by Frank Dereralso. It’s been too hot to knit, too humid to knit and it has not rained for 6 weeks. Unheard off. The U.K. has had its fair share of … Continue reading The yarn rose 

Choices and overwhelm

Quite often I have overwhelm of the amount of projects on the needles. I generally have 3 projects on the go: potatoe chip knitting when the brain is in reverse, colourful knitting when I need a splash of colour in my life, and one long term project that can challenge me when I want to … Continue reading Choices and overwhelm

Handywoman by Kate Davies

Kate Davies and I had a similar experience being disabled by a stroke. She valiantly recovered some functions with knitting and so did I. The difference happened to me when I was diagnosed with something else, neurosarcoid, but both of us found a purpose through knitting and in Kate Davies’s case designing.  I am looking … Continue reading Handywoman by Kate Davies

The knitter

The knitter print by Janethillstudios  It’s so nice when a family member sends you a copy of a Janet Hill print to say it made her think of you. Let’s analyse the print and see why it reminded them of me. My kitchen has an Aga stove which is not wood fired but could be … Continue reading The knitter

Update on works in progress

Northstar mittens Bibliotheca shawl by Karie Westermann pre blocking. An explosion of possibilities this week. Yesterday I watched the royal wedding on my computer as the TV decided to give up. A celebration and reminder that we need love and fire. My fire is knitting and I finished the shawl as well as the Northstar … Continue reading Update on works in progress

Sewing and sowing

This week has been a week of making. I learnt some new aspects of making yet another larktee where the material got stuck in the feeddogs and I ended up using paper between my material and the feeddogs. It made it smoother to sew and I then just tore the paper off at the end. … Continue reading Sewing and sowing