Taking on a challenge I want to knit the ‘Bressay’ pattern by Marie Wallin from her ‘Shetland’ book. When the project looks an awesome project it needs some preparing. 1- Gather the resources needed. 2- Read the entire pattern through and research and practice unknown techniques . 3- Measure your body it’s unlikely to have … Continue reading Bressay

Wee envelope

This week I thought I would start the giftknitting for a new mum and started a wee envelope by Ysolda Teague.No pressure I thought, another month to go but no it was born 3 weeks early. Without any knowledge of gender initially or size I opted for the second size(3/6 months) and used machine washable … Continue reading Wee envelope


Lanson by Loveshareknit I was really taken aback at the possibility of a pair of socks in natural yarn, without nylon, that would be machine washable, warm, fun etc. I was in the market for an upgrade to warmth as one of my sons aims to live near Edinburgh from the relative warm climate of … Continue reading Lanson

The 2005 cardigan

Remembering the cardigan from 2005 worn to bits and much loved. Planning your knitwear means having your garment ready for the season to wear it. We all get tempted by a new garment in winter but by the time you have knitted it up , depending on your knitting speed and time available it can … Continue reading The 2005 cardigan