Taking on a challenge I want to knit the ‘Bressay’ pattern by Marie Wallin from her ‘Shetland’ book. When the project looks an awesome project it needs some preparing. 1- Gather the resources needed. 2- Read the entire pattern through and research and practice unknown techniques . 3- Measure your body it’s unlikely to have … Continue reading Bressay

For the love of bees

As the weather here has been grey and cold I found knitting bright socks a tonic. I am really into the birds and bees, planting bushes that feed them and while I was thinking about what to plant I decided to make some I heart bees socks by Vanessa Townley. I went stashdiving and found … Continue reading For the love of bees

Wee envelope

This week I thought I would start the giftknitting for a new mum and started a wee envelope by Ysolda Teague.No pressure I thought, another month to go but no it was born 3 weeks early. Without any knowledge of gender initially or size I opted for the second size(3/6 months) and used machine washable … Continue reading Wee envelope

January projects

I have my project diary and have been working on a hat for my daughter from the book ‘ Head for trouble’ by Julie Thurmoman. It was going to be my project for January 2018, cast on on Newyears day and now it is drying with a plate inside. Tomorrow there will be millinery experience … Continue reading January projects

Seasonal offerings

A treat this month is to browse the accomplish knitwear from Alice Starmore and feast my eyes on the lovely patterns. Too many to choose from and knitting one would take me a while however I am pleased there were some plain patterns in it too, cabled work etc. One day I must add one … Continue reading Seasonal offerings

Lanson socks

Lanson socks by Clare Devine were an interesting knit for me. The idea of mismatching yet matching pattern socks I had to make for a son who wears mismatching socks regularly. The closest we could come to a matching pair.The pattern presents a version for cuff down and toe up in a variety of sizes … Continue reading Lanson socks