Books and Reading

In 2017 I took part in Karie Westermanns crowdfunding for the publishing of her book ‘ this thing of paper’ as I envisaged it as a present for my daughter.( I kept the virtual book). As context my daughter has been an avid reader since age 3 and she loves being in bookshops and libraries. … Continue reading Books and Reading

Choices and overwhelm

Quite often I have overwhelm of the amount of projects on the needles. I generally have 3 projects on the go: potatoe chip knitting when the brain is in reverse, colourful knitting when I need a splash of colour in my life, and one long term project that can challenge me when I want to … Continue reading Choices and overwhelm


Quality Most of the time we just want to knit or sew a garment. No gauge swatch and off we go. We tend to practice fast fashion and wonder why the garment does not fit. I must admit I was in that camp and wondered why nothing fitted right and now being a much larger … Continue reading Babysteps

Update on works in progress

Northstar mittens Bibliotheca shawl by Karie Westermann pre blocking. An explosion of possibilities this week. Yesterday I watched the royal wedding on my computer as the TV decided to give up. A celebration and reminder that we need love and fire. My fire is knitting and I finished the shawl as well as the Northstar … Continue reading Update on works in progress

Sewing and sowing

This week has been a week of making. I learnt some new aspects of making yet another larktee where the material got stuck in the feeddogs and I ended up using paper between my material and the feeddogs. It made it smoother to sew and I then just tore the paper off at the end. … Continue reading Sewing and sowing