Local surprise

Sadly I am not up to much knitting while the body repairs after a health crisis but you would be ŵrong to think that ŵould defeat me on the fibre front. Last December a local shepherd came into the village shop with a bag full of his best Exmoor Horn fleece and told the shopkeeper … Continue reading Local surprise

Dreaming in fibre

This week I have been stashdiving and have made a commitment to make serious attempts at knitting with the yarn I have. That will be at least 12 pairs of socks, 7 mittens and a colourwork sweater. Phew that’s a lot of projects to make. Every single skein was bought with a project in mind … Continue reading Dreaming in fibre


Officially I am too poorly to do anything but I could not resist the meditative activity of spinning the fibre on my Hansen currently. The smooth fibre was reassuringly soft and colourful and I just had enough energy to play a little. I liken periods of ill health to the stages of development of a … Continue reading Metamorphosis