The Christmas rush

Today I can proudly say that I have finished the hats requested as giftknitting and only one sock is on the go, mindless stockinette. The house is set and I look forward more to having the people around the tree than the presents under the tree. Spent time with my planner working out which projects … Continue reading The Christmas rush

I had a special day last week, was asked to make 2 hats for Christmas and it really was a busy week. Sorry if you missed me. I call this the silly season, party invites, last minute knitting although in principle I was not going to knit presents in December. Best laid plans etc. As … Continue reading

Seasonal offerings

A treat this month is to browse the accomplish knitwear from Alice Starmore and feast my eyes on the lovely patterns. Too many to choose from and knitting one would take me a while however I am pleased there were some plain patterns in it too, cabled work etc. One day I must add one … Continue reading Seasonal offerings

Lanson socks

Lanson socks by Clare Devine were an interesting knit for me. The idea of mismatching yet matching pattern socks I had to make for a son who wears mismatching socks regularly. The closest we could come to a matching pair.The pattern presents a version for cuff down and toe up in a variety of sizes … Continue reading Lanson socks