Working out stash

Stashdiving on a rainy day The weather here is very unseasonal and on a cold and rainy day, having been accused again that my stash was getting out of control, I set out to spend an afternoon with my gold . It required some paperbags, a trawl for patterns on Ravelry and a bit of … Continue reading Working out stash

Strie Socks

Being poorly does give you an opportunity to look through knitting books and revisit some ideas. I was looking for a simple design with an interesting heel and settled on the ‘Strie socks’ from Lara Neel’s book. Stash diving brought up the rainbow coloured yarn from Rosiesmoments ( on Etsy)  together they fitted interesting and colourful … Continue reading Strie Socks

Tyneham socks

For some time I wanted the opportunity to knit a pair of toe up socks with a nice heelflap and when asked to testknit a pair of Tyneham socks for Clare Devine I was delighted to find just such a pattern.  Starting at the toe you really quickly get the shape of a sock suitable for … Continue reading Tyneham socks

Pioneer socks

These socks were a perfect combination for my friend Tara. She’s a bit of a pioneer and everything is red for her so when I wanted to make her a gift these were the ideal combination. A pattern by Kay Jones of the Bakery Bears and knitted in West Yorkshire Spinners 4 ply. A very … Continue reading Pioneer socks

Shine mittens

Shine mittens These have been a while in the making. I made one mitten while I was very poorly and stressed and I would not recommend stranded knitting when you are definitely stressed. When the second mitten was knitted it was about one inch bigger so I had to reknit it. The result is very … Continue reading Shine mittens

Local surprise

Sadly I am not up to much knitting while the body repairs after a health crisis but you would be ŵrong to think that ŵould defeat me on the fibre front. Last December a local shepherd came into the village shop with a bag full of his best Exmoor Horn fleece and told the shopkeeper … Continue reading Local surprise